A nice day with my friends in natural wells and cascades

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Last year I went with my friends from work to San José del Guaviare. We traveled by bus, and we visited the natural wells and cascades. This is a very tourist place. Many people come from different places to visit it and enjoy the water.

My friends and I got there early in the morning, at 9am. And we spend the whole day there. We came back at 5pm. The weather was just perfect that day. It was a clear day, and sometimes it was sunny. During the day we ate some snacks, and for lunch we ate a soup.

I liked it very much. We had a great time all together. 

One of the funniest things that happened that they was that all of us fall down on the rocks at least one time. The rocks are very slippery, because of the continuous running water on them. We all laugh aloud every time someone falls down. It was really funny.

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Here in this picture you can see me and all my friends from work.

And in this picture I am enjoying the nice water of the cascades

Fall down on the rocks